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Acousto-Optic Devices and Electronics

Gooch & Housego, Florida LLC (NEOS Technologies):

NEOS Technologies is now one part of a larger Global company Gooch & Housego, plc.
Gooch & Housego, Illminster, England; SIFAM Fiber Optical Ltd., Devon, England, Cleveland Crystals Inc., General Optics, and NEOS Technologies , located in the USA; and Landwehr Electronic GMBH, located in Norderstedt, Germany.make up the Gooch & Housego Components and Materials Group, with seven reagonal location, which manufacture Acousto Optical and Electro Optical Devices and associated Electronic Drivers, Optical Components, Fiber Optics, and Optical Materials with services for Optical Coating, Crystal grouth, Glass Engineering and Optical Design.
Optronics Laboratories Inc. located in the USA, is the Gooch & Housego instrument Division and ChromoDynamics is the Life Science & Hyperspectral Imaging Division.

Gooch & Housego, Florida LLC manufactures Acousto-Optic components for control of lasers and laser beams. These products range in use from the entertainment industry for laser light shows, to industrial and medical applications including spectroscopy and Hyperspectral imaging.

The Gooch & Housego, Florida's Acousto Optic modulators, companion drivers, and Bragg mount assemblies make up laboratory turnkey systems for performing basic experiments in intensity control, beam deflection, frequency shifting and hyperspectral imaging. These products, serve both OEM applications and individual users.

Gooch & Housego, Florida LLC is located in sunny Melbourne FL. 30 miles east of Orlando and 20 miles south of Cape Canaveral. We are celebrating 25 years serving our customers.

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Products used worldwide in many industries Products used worldwide in many industries
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